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Segrest Farms, Inc.

Segrest Farms, Inc. - Jack Bramlett

"Mid-State Plastics has supplied Segrest Farms with Ornamental Fish Shipping Bags for almost a decade. Their reputation as the Industry Leader for Water-Tight Bags was our primary consideration when we started purchasing from them.

Over the years discernable differences between Mid-State Plastics products and service, compared to past suppliers we previously used, became even more evident. Consistent quality of product, coupled with a custom designed and integrated inventory control program to meet our specific needs works well for Segrest Farms.

In a business where livestock is and should be our main focus, we do not want to be concerned with a fish bag that fails. Mid-State supplies us with that piece of mind. Everything considered, we feel that their product is a good value from a manufacture that lives up to their reputation for Integrity, Quality and Service. We feel our choice was a wise one."

Ekk Will Waterlife Resources

Ekk Will Waterlife Resources - Michael K. Hennessy

"Our company ships life tropical fishes all over the world.

Due to the highly sensitive and perishable nature of this product, it is essential that we use only the most dependable and effective materials in our packaging. We are committed to ensure safe and successful shipments as they must transit commercial air cargo or truck networks, subject to myriad trials of weather, delay, and handling.

Mid-State Plastics has been our exclusive resource for high quality, watertight bags for many years. We use a variety of sizes and types of bags, and Mid-State has always been able to provide a product to suit our various applications. Their product is very consistent, and readily meets our integrity standards.

Given their long and successful history of being our supplier of these materials, we believe their track record speaks volumes about Mid-State Plastics and the performance of their product."

Angelfish Express

Angelfish Express - Barb Bemus (Hatchery Manager)

“”Another leaker” was a term used daily as we packed our orders! I don’t remember that moment of frustration after your bags arrived. Writing this I think….big deal so you have to rebag. Nah….not so. We put in more hours than we probably should raising high quality, non-stressed angels. I sure don’t want to negotiate that for saving a couple cents on a bag. Time cost money and rebagging isn’t a smart investment.

Thanks for providing us with a product and service that doesn’t have holes in it. When I call to order I enjoy the conversation, value the education and positive energy you share. You’re a rare find in a world that I should take lessons from you.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to buying millions of bags a year.”

Triton Marine Inc.

Triton Marine Inc. – Michael S. Nicholas (President)

“Our company has been selling agricultured live rock for the aquarium hobbyist on our web page www.liverocks.com since 1998. Over ninety five percent of all our sales require either air cargo or overnight shipping to the customer’s door. We have used Mid-State Plastics’ liner bags for all our shipping since we started the company.

Our live rock is very irregular in shape and can have many sharp edges on any given piece of rock. Keeping our product fresh and alive requires us to ship it in five pounds of salt water and wet towels. The first line of defense to hold this water and rock combination has always been Mid-State Plastics FULL X .003 Machine Made liner. Our last line of shipping for the shipping container is Mid-State Plastics 19 X 16 X 35 .003 square bottom bags. Shipping tens of thousands of pounds of rock to thousands of customers all over the USA with every major shipping company in the business, we have had only on box leak water and fail.

Quality, production and customer satisfaction have been the reason we have always used this fine American made product. With results like this, we will never compromise for a cheaper inferior plastic packaging product.”

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