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Who benefits from using pre-opened bags-on-a-roll? Virtually everyone who packages their products in polyethelene bags!   Any products that are currently packaged in either flat or wicketed poly bags can be packaged more easily and efficiently in pre-opened bags.   Labor savings of 25% to 75% are common with pre-opened bags!   For fast and efficient packaging, choose pre-opened bags-on-a-roll.

What is a pre-opened bag-on-a-roll? Each bag is connected to, and separated from other bags by a perforation, similar to rolls of bags often found at grocery stores.   However, there is one major difference:   The perforation has been opened on one side, so that the product can be easily put into each bag while it is still connected to the roll.   This allows you to open/fill/seal each bag much more efficiently, regardless if you package automatically or by hand.

Automatic bagging machines can open/fill/seal up to 70 bags per minute, depending, of course, upon the product, bag size, and infeed methods.   These baggers are available from a number of manufacturers.   A burst of air blows the bag open for easy product loading, either by hand, or with automatic counters, scales, volumetric fillers or other infeed devices.   Thermal transfer and hot-stamp imprinters can also be added to print text, graphics or bar codes as you package.   A good rule of thumb is that if you are spending more than four hours a day packaging, the labor savings will pay for the bagger in six to twelve months.

Semi-automatic baggers are also available.   They blow the bag open so that you can load your product by hand.   Then, simply separate the bag and put it in the sealer to complete your package!   Increased packaging rates of 100% are common, and it is usually easier for your operator!   For packaging single items in a medium size bag (4" X 6") rates of 15 to 25 bages per minute are usually achieved.

Loading by hand is also easier. These bags can be opened faster than any other bags because the roll acts as a lip, making it easy to find and open.   Drop in your product, tear off the bag, and then seal it, tape it or staple it!
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