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Setting the standard for Water Tight Plastic Bags since 1968

Mid-State Plastics specializes in the manufacturing of ornamental tropical fish shipping bags for the Florida fish farm industry. We count among our valued customers most of the largest-producing fish farmers in the State of Florida as well as hundreds of quality-oriented wholesale distributors and retailers throughout the country.

Our success is based upon one simple philosophy–to consistently manufacture the best possible product at a competitive price utilizing modern equipment, only high-end raw materials, and an aggressive quality control program coupled with a well-trained and dedicated production staff who truly take pride in what they make.

Our year-after-year growth record is attributable to a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction with a quality product delivered on a timely basis and backed by service and experience.


Bottom Seal Bags

Mid-State Plastics bags are guaranteed Water-Tight when you buy them–No pin holes and an absolute Water-Tight seal on all of our bags.

Square Bottom Bags

If you think that your time and effort are valuable, not to mention how much money you spend raising your fish, maintaining your tanks, paying yourself or your help, then use water-tight square bottom bags.

Biodegradable Bags

Our Biodegradable bags offer the same strength and durability of our standard bags, but will breakdown in a landfill in 3-5 years rather than hundreds of years.

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