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Mid-State Plastics specializes in the manufacturing of ornamental tropical fish shipping bags for the Florida fish farm industry. We count among our valued customers most of the largest-producing fish farmers in the State of Florida as well as hundreds of quality-oriented wholesale distributors and retailers throughout the country.

Our success is based upon one simple philosophy–to consistently manufacture the best possible product at a competitive price utilizing modern equipment, only high-end raw materials, and an aggressive quality control program coupled with a well trained and dedicated production staff who truly take pride in what they make.

Our year-after-year growth record is attributable to a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction with a quality product delivered on a timely basis and backed by service and experience.

These numbers don’t lie!
We stand behind all of our bags with a Water-Tight Pin Hole Free Guarantee and will replace any bag that leaks at absolutely no charge “including freight.” To put this into prospective for you, you could expect, on average, less than 1 in 1000 bags to be defective. Because of this record, our customers continually comment on the consistent quality of our product from order to order as compared to other suppliers. We are confident that after trying our product, you will feel the same way.

“Over the years discernable differences between Mid-State Plastics products and service, compared to past suppliers we previously used, became even more evident…”

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Jack Bramlett

Segrest Farms, Inc.

“Given their long and successful history of being our supplier of these materials, we believe their track record speaks volumes about Mid-State Plastics and the performance of their product.”

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Micheal K. Hennessy

Ekk Will Water Life Resources

“Thanks for providing us with a product and service that doesn’t have holes in it. When I call to order I enjoy the conversation, value the education and positive energy you share. You’re a rare find in a world that I should take lessons from you.”

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Barb Bemus

Hatchery Manager, Angelfish Express

“Quality, production and customer satisfaction have been the reason we have always used this fine American made product. With results like this, we will never compromise for a cheaper inferior plastic packaging product.”

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Michael S. Nicholas

President, Triton Marine Inc.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 188
1010 East Shell Point Road
Ruskin, FL

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